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Sunclan icons update by funlakota Sunclan icons update by funlakota
**Because of dA's crappy new format, you might have to download the image to see it properly. Sorry for the trouble.**

This is my updated image of Angelofdeath’s Sunclan cats. I redid them because I seriously messed up most of her cats in my first picture of them. This batch is all of the Sunclan cats that appeared in her first fanfic series. Additional cats will be included in my second picture.

Blazestar—the leader of Sunclan. I think he’s the mate of Leaftail and the father of Sunkit (Sunstream) and Flamekit (Flamefur).

Braveheart—the deputy of Sunclan, he’s a rare male calico based off of Angel’s cat Rhasphody. Although I don’t like doing male torties in general, I made an exception here because the cat he is based off of IS a male tortie (and a fertile one at that!). It’s too bad that Angel put so many other cats that qualify as male torties in her Clan though; my last count was 9! That’s like 16% in just one small group, when such cats make up only 1% of the total cat population worldwide. Oh well, so much for being a rare occurrence. :roll: Anyways, Braveheart is the mate of Snowfur and father of Whitestorm, Bramblekit (Bramblepelt?), Hawkkit, and Moonkit (Moonpool). He was originally namd Orangenose. I had the most trouble updating his picture, and I’m still not fond of how he came out. If you don’t like this icon, just use the one from the original image, Angel. Also I couldn’t make his missing eye look right, so just think of this as an image of him BEFORE he lost it.

Ravenfur—the medicince cat of Sunclan, she’s the daughter of Tigerstripe and Sandtail and sister to Smallclaw. She’s supposed to be black, but I tweaked her so that 1. her outline just didn’t disappear and 2. she would have some unique features. I didn’t want her to look too much like her grandmother, Moonflower.

Tigerstripe—an unusual reverse tabby cat who became a member of Sunclan after falling in love with Sandtail. I originally intended to make him a classic tabby who simply looked like he had reverse stripes, but I couldn’t get that to look right. So he kept most of his original markings.

Sandtail— Lol, another cat I tweaked, but interestingly enough, I didn’t get any complaints about it. I like how she and her son, Smallclaw, look a bit alike. Her mate is Tigerstripe and her kits are Ravenfur and Smallclaw.

Vemonheart—I have no idea where this cat came from! I think he was a loner who joined the Clan (Sunclan is fairly tolerant of such things ^^). Like many of her cats, Vemonheart qualifies as a tortie even though Angel doesn’t call him that.

Mistfrost—Pretty name, though he is a tom. Mistfrost is a gray cat with black points plus white slashes on his legs. He was also a loner who joined Sunclan. I like how I blended his markings, and I’m glad I did because he did NOT look right without it. I still prefer my original version of him though.

Lionclaw—an orange tom; his white-tipped ears are not official (just my attempt to make a solid-coloured cat look different), but it works because his daughter does have that feature! He is the mate of Willowpelt and father to Snowkit (Snowsong) and Lightningkit (Lightningclaw).

Smallclaw—I think I like his tweak the most, and considering how much he deviates from his original design colourwise, I’m surprised Angel even accepted this version! His original version was a black cat with an orange tail—in a sense a male tortie. :roll: I settled on a dark, gray-brown colour with a slightly gray-toned taupe colour for him. I also gave him darker ears because his father had markings on his ears. He is the son of Tigerstripe and Sandtail and brother of Ravenfur. From what I can gather, he later becomes the mate of 2 she-cats.

Duststorm—a brown cat whom I got very creative with in his markings. ^^ I gave him some Siamese (pointed) markings AND some dappling/spotting. It’s different. He is the mate of Dawnflower and the father of Wolfkit (Wolfwind), Skykit (Skyheart), Ivykit (Ivyspirit), and two younger cats who were put in the second image. I also like to think he is the father of Earthkit—mainly because I used him as a basis when I did that cat. ;)

Whitestorm—a white cat who was responsible for finding Starpaw (Starblaze) and bringing her to Sunclan back when he an apprentice. He is the son of Braveheart and Snowfur. Interestingly enough, he later develops a crush on that little kit he saved, but I don’t think they become mates.

Shadepaw (Shadestalker)—a blue and white tom with darker legs. He is the son of Moonflower (though Leaftail raised him) and the littermate of Fernpaw (Fernwill) and Bluepaw (Bluefire). I assume that it was because Sunclan only had this one litter that they took in Starpaw.

Fernpaw (Fernwill)—described as a light gray she-cat, but I made her more of a warm gray so that she wouldn’t look so much like Willowpelt. I think she is the closest to Starpaw and her best friend. She is the daughter of Moonflower and littermate to Shadepaw (Shadestalker) and Bluepaw (Bluefire). Leaftail adopted her and her littermates after their mother died.

Bluepaw (Bluefire)—a blue-gray she-cat. I always thought of her and Shadepaw as being siblings, and I was so happy that my assumption was right because I had already given them the same eye colour! She is Moonflower’s second daughter and littermate to Shadepaw (Shadestalker) and Fernpaw (Fernwill). She later becomes mates with Wolfkit (Wolfwind) and the mother of a cat that will be shown in my second picture.

Starpaw (Starblaze)—an albino she-cat. Starpaw was originally given red eyes; however I changed her eye colour for two reasons. First Starpaw was teased for being different with that eye colour, but several other, unrelated, cats also seem to have reddish eyes in this series. That didn’t add up. Second and more importantly albino cats don’t really have red eyes! Their eyes are either a very pale blue, a pink colour, or a combination of the two. Their eyes only flash red with bright light… usually with a camera flash. In fact that’s the best way to tell an albino with blue eyes and a nonalbino white cat with blue eyes apart. So I gave Starpaw pinkish eyes with the idea that her eyes glowed scarlet-red in the sunlight. Starpaw was adopted into the Clan as a young kit; she later saved her adopted clan as part of a prophecy. Perhaps that was why she was named after Starclan. ;) Leaftail adopted her along with the 3 other apprentices pictured here. Despite her unusual appearance, Starpaw certainly had a number of admirers! Starpaw later becomes the mother of several cats who are in my second picture.

Leaftail—the sweet adopted mother of Starpaw. I love her character, and I love how I gave her faint leaf-shaped stripes!! They actually look like leaves!! For once I got such markings to look right! Ahem, Leaftail is a pale orange she-cat who is the mate of the Clan’s leader. She lost a litter prior to adopting Starpaw, Shadepaw, Bluepaw, and Fernpaw (which is why she COULD adopt them), but by the time all 4 are apprentices, she had Flamekit (Flamefur) and Sunkit (Sunstream).

Snowfur—a white she-cat with odd-coloured eyes. I’m glad some people are doing odd-eyed cats because Erin Hunt certainly hasn’t created any… though she’s more than willing to put rare male torties in her books. :roll: Twit. Anyways, Snowfur has one blue eye and one green. She is blind in the blue eye. Snowfur is very gentle and doesn’t like fighting or other Warrior duties really. She is an unlikely Warrior and as such prefers helping in the nursery. She is the mother of Whitestorm and his littermate, Hawkkit, Bramblekit (Brambletalon), and Moonkit (Moonpool). Braveheart is her mate and is completely devoted to her.

Dawnflower—a pale creamy yellow she-cat who is the mother of Skykit (Skyheart), Wolfkit (Wolfwind), and Ivykit (Ivyspirit) as well as two more cats. Duststorm is her mate. Although you can’t see it, I gave her some faint stripes on her forehead.

Willowpelt—a pale or light gray she-cat. She’s the mate of Lionclaw and mother of Snowkit (Snowsong) and Lightningkit (Lightningclaw), although I find it interesting that Snowkit isn’t a tortie since her parents provide a great example of how the tortie colour arises in female cats. ^^

Sootkit—a gray kit who was later dropped. I tend to think of him as Willowpelt’s kit, given their similar colours.

Earthkit—a brown kit who was also dropped. I thought of him as Duststorm’s kit, which meant Dawnflower was his mother.

Dapplekit—the final kit who was dropped. I have no idea who I considered her parents to be when I did her!! She’s unique because I gave her the spots I used to use for torties before I found that curvy stripes looked more natural like real torties.

Hawkkit— a grayish kit who was the littermate of Bramblekit (Brambletalon) and Moonkit (Moonpool). He died as an apprentice, protecting Starpaw (Starblaze) from a badger, and seems to be the ONLY kit/apprentice in Angel’s clan to have died at all unless you count the 3 kits who were dropped. Sunclan’s pretty lucky in that regard. ;) No wonder their population literally exploded in the sequels. :roll: He is the son of Braveheart and Snowfur and littermate to Bramblekit (Brambletalon) and Moonkit (Moonpool).

Bramblekit (Brambletalon)—a light brown tabby with blackish stripes. He looked awful with black strips, so I opted for dark brown instead. They look black but are not really. He is the son of Braveheart and Snowfur. Whitestorm is his older brother. His littermates are Hawkkit and Moonkit (Moonpool).

Moonkit (Moonpool)—a calico whose patches are restricted to her forelegs, she sounds like a pointed calico to me. In fact I did her that way in one of my versions of her. Moonkit has the most colourings! I redid her about 4 times, and I know she’s still not correct because Angel never posted a drawing of her. No doubt her patches are not right. She is the daughter of Braveheart and Snowfur and sister to Hawkkit and Bramblekit (Brambletalon).

Wolfkit (Wolfwind)—a brownish tom with a yellow cream belly. I like how his updated image came out… though it took me forever to get his cream belly a shade that would actually show up when printed! I still prefer a more subtle shade I used, but it was too light to show up when I printed his picture. :( Wolfkit is the son of Duststorm and Dawnflower and littermate to Skykit and Ivykit. He later gets a little brother and sister as well as a mate in Bluefire.

Skykit (Skyheart)—a brown she-cat with sky blue eyes, hence her name. Urgh, I was hoping for a more original explanation for her name (I gave Skyfringe that name for the same reason!), which was why I got creative in her original colouring. But I still like the brown I used here for her. :)

Ivykit (Ivyspirit)—a pointed brown tabby. I was somewhat right in giving her ivy-like stripes, but I put them in the wrong spot (plus they didn’t come out looking like ivy in the first place!).

Flamekit (Flamefur)—a flame-red she-cat. She is officially a solid colour cat (at least as solid-coloured as red cats can be), but I liked her flame-based paws too much to get rid of them, so she got major blending there. ^^ They’re still there, but they blend in so much with her base colour that it gives an impression of an over-all solid red cat. That’s suitable because genetically speaking all red cats are actually tabbies! ;) Some just don't look it.

Sunkit (Sunstream)—a yellow tom with blue eyes. Sunkit and Lightningkit gave me quite a headache when doing them. Not only are they both yellow-gold cats with sky blue eyes (and they’re not brothers!), but the particular shade Angel used is as unnatural as you can get for cats and just about any other mammal (except in cartoons of course). And she said that their shades were not negiable. They both had to be BRIGHT yellow. I wanted to tweak their colours so much because like I told her, they looked like Pikachu. I finally found decent shades for both that still made them bright, but I was nervous about using them. So I did two images of Sunkit and Lightningkit: one in their original colours and one in their modified and more realistic colours. Anyways, Sunkit is the son of Blazestar and Leaftail and the littermate of Flamekit (Flamefur). Starpaw is his older foster sister. As an adult, he becomes mates with Skykit and the father of 3 kits.

Snowkit (Snowsong)—an orange she-cat with white hindlegs and ear-tips. The fact that she and Lionclaw look so much alike now was completely unintentional on my part! But I’m so happy that I can say that they are father and daughter. :D Lightningkit (Lightningclaw) is her littermate, and Willowpelt is her mother. As an adult, Snowkit seems to develop a crush on her own brother, which I’m sure is a mistake on Angel’s part, after her first crush, Sunkit (Sunstream), becomes mates with Skykit (Skyheart). Like I said before, I find it odd that she isn’t a tortie, given her mother is gray and her father is orange. Such matings typically result in tortie females. Oh well.

Lightningkit (Lightningclaw)—a yellow tom with blue eyes, who like Sunkit gave me trouble in picking out the shade. Because I wanted them to be unique (and their descriptions ARE identical), I needed to find 2 shades of yellow to use. Lightningkit’s is more yellow while Sunkit’s is more of an orange-gold shade (I guess Sunkit got that from his mother ^^). It was while doing him and Sunkit that my mom asked me why I was doing two cartoony cats in the midst of realistic cats. She said that they looked like cats from Chernobyl! (And mom, being an Ukrainian-American, doesn’t make jokes about that.) Like Sunkit, Lightningkit has two images, so take your pick about which one looks better. Lightningkit is the son of Lionclaw and Willowpelt and the littermate of Snowkit (Snowsong).

Smokekit (Smokeheart)—a gray tom with a tan paw and white markings. He’s yet another cat that Angel refuses to call a tortie/calico even though that’s what he is!! He was adopted into the Clan along with his littermate, Palekit (Palegold). Even though they look almost identical, Smokekit is in no way related to Shadepaw (Shadestalker)! Smokekit isn’t related to ANYONE beside Palekit (Palegold) in Sunclan…..yet.

Palekit (Palegold)—a pale cream she-cat with white markings; she was adopted into the Clan with her brother, Smokekit (Smokeheart). Despite looking similar to Dawnflower, they are not related!! It’s funny that she also has the problem of resembling a Clanmate like her brother even though neither of them are genetically related to anyone else in Sunclan yet.

One-ear—the oldest cat in the Clan; he’s a male tortie (yet another one!!) and is the grandfather of Braveheart.

Mousefang—a brown tabby tom who used to be the Clan’s medicne cat prior to Ravenfur

Moonflower—a black she-cat who only appears in the first book. I’m not sure what happened to her. She is the mother of Leaftail (weird), Sandtail, Shadepaw (Shadestalker), Fernpaw (Fernwill), and Bluepaw (Bluefire). She died giving birth to Shadepaw, Bluepaw, and Fernpaw, which is why Leaftail adopted her litter.

That’s it for now. I hope you like these better, Angel!! The rest of the cats will be uploaded later.

All characters © to angelofdeath234
Warrior Cats © to Erin Hunt
Lineart © to scorchwolf1
All colouring was done by me. Please do NOT use any of these cats or these icons. Only angelofdeath can use these pictures because they are for her and are of her cats.

Disclaimer: All info on these cats comes from Angel’s various deviations and her list of alliances from her 3 Sunclan stories/books. Although I tried to be as accurate as possible, I can’t guarentee all the information here is accurate or up-to-date. So all information is subject to change!!

Fixed Hawkkit's description.

Updated Sunkit and Lightningkit's relationship (it turns out that they're cousins).
Fixed Moonflower's, Leaftail's, and the 4 apprentices' descriptions.
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