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March 26, 2012
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savu0211 TLK comic linearts by funlakota savu0211 TLK comic linearts by funlakota
I was reading some of savu0211's comic series for The Lion King. It's pretty good. Sure the unofficial characters are in it (it's SOOO hard finding fan comics without them!), but I can over-look their inclusion.... because the actual stories make up for that.

The artwork in this is series is amazing, esp. when you notice how much the artist improved since he started it. There are some great original characters too. My fave is Giza. She's a grumpy little thing. :D

Anyways some of the images are just too cute, so I tried my hand at making some templates out of them. That's not the only reason though. I wanted to try making templates that worked in Paint. I think I pulled it off. Please comment and leave feedback in case I overlooked something. (not counting the outline of the one in the lower right corner) Download for full size.

I'm pretty sure this is okay to post because the creator says it's okay to make linearts and bases from his comics.

:bulletblue: Do not claim this as yours. They belong mostly to savu, but everyone's free to use these.
:bulletblue: Do not remove my name or savu's name, though you can move them to another location if you need to.
:bulletblue: You can edit them to add additional features if you want.
:bulletblue: Please include a link back so that others can use it. Also I would love to see what you do with them, so please post links to your creations. :)
:bulletblue: Have fun!

Original artwork (c) :iconsavu0211:
The Lion King to Disney
Templates (c) to me (I guess)

Deviations Where the Lineart Was Used:
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Could i trace it? but of course give all credit for you and savu
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Sure, if you want to.

Just give credit. ^^
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